Canavape® Extracts Granddaddy Purple 0.5g (500mg)

Canavape® Extracts Granddaddy Purple 0.5g (500mg)


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Extracts Granddaddy Purple 0.5g (500mg)

Terpene infused full spectrum crumble with a multi-ratio profile containing a minimum of 425mg cannabidiol (CBD) and 42.5mg cannabigerol (CBG). The crumble also contains small amounts of cannabidivarin (CBDv).

Granddaddy Purple, typically known for its creative and euphoric benefits, possesses a slight berry taste. This makes the extract that much tastier on the palette.

Canavape® Extracts can be melted and vaporised using a dab rig, wax/crumble pen or similar device specifically designed for this purpose.


We advise caution if operating a flame heated dab rig to over 200 degrees as with any flame heated device!
We recommend only D.I.Y mixers with a knowledge of creating a cannabinoid liquids use this product in a PG:VG solution

Melt the extract and add to vaporiser or E-liquid.


  • CBD
  • CBG
  • Plant Derived Terpenes

Additional Information

Store at room temperature and out of direct light.

Once in use store your tub in its air tight resalable extracts sachet.

This product is not intended to cure, prevent, treat or diagnose any disease.

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